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The Steve Carter Training Facility at Leak City is a one-of-a-kind, small-scale city encompassing 2-1/2 acres that serves as a training facility for natural gas operators. The facility was the vision of Steve Carter, Manager of Athens Gas. Mr. Carter originally planned for a site where his own employees could be trained, however interest from the gas community as well as the demand for training quickly led to the development of a truly unique training arena. The city contains homes, streets, streetlights and natural gas pipelines, all which play an important role in training.

Inside Leak City, the focus is exclusively on the natural gas industry, providing cost-effective solutions to meet today’s stringent requirements for training, education and safety. Time is taken to identify the scope of training needs, resulting in a huge return on investment. The instructors/trainers are competent, certified professionals who have met rigorous industry requirements. Each possesses integrity and a comprehensive knowledge of the natural gas industry.

A trip to Leak City leaves you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform required covered tasks in the natural gas industry.

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